In the Beginning … And What About the Fish?

Beau and I are reading through Genesis together for our devotional time. It has been a long time since I read Genesis and it’s amazing what things are jumping out at us as we read each chapter.

Italics mine. I found it interesting that God said the rainbow will be His reminder of his vow not to destroy “all flesh on earth.” It’s not just a reminder to us, but for Himself also. Cool.

The irony? That an activist group has hijacked God’s symbol of promise not to destroy the earth to represent their movement (and sin) and that the activist group happens to be of the persuasion that mostly resulted in the destruction of Sodom/Gomorrah.

And then I threw out the question that popped in my head the other night - was the sea-life destroyed in the flood, too? I ask because we have salt water fish and fresh water fish and the two cannot co-exist, right? So if the waters that covered the earth were salty, then only the fresh water fish died and vice versa, right? Or was it that all water life at that time did co-exist and that after the flood and with the movement of the plates to form the continents, the water properties changes and the oceans because salty while the inland waters remained salt-free?