I Think I’m Adding One To My Christmas Wish List

For years I have resisted the siren call of one beautiful modern technology item. I really have no need of it, except that I can think of one particular way I can use it that would make life slightly easier. It’s expensive and I just can’t justify the expense of it because in reality I don’t need it. But after all these years I am adding it to my Christmas wish list.

So what is it?

An iPod.

I’m leaning to the Nano, because I don’t think I want the full classic version, but I would like the viewing capability not available with the Shuffle.

My main desire is to be able to listen to audiobooks in places other than my car and not have to deal with the CDs if I am listening to a book in my car. Or I could listen to two books at once - one in the car and one on the iPod. Portability would be nice. Then there are sermons and other podcasts, Glenn Beck, and TV shows that I could watch, say, on my lunch hour instead of at home where it bothers Beau.

Anyway, it’s just a new thought I had the other day, but consider it officially on my wish list for Christmas.