Golden Books

Remember Little Golden Books? I loved the collection of LGBs that we had as . I think my sister has the collection now since she had first.

We do have one, however. Beau’s mother (I’m pretty sure it was she; it may have been Beau’s mentor who sent it) sent us some books last year and included in the set was one LGB - Prayers for Children. I need to look at the edition number again, because it could be a real collectible now since that was one of the original 12 books back in 1942. Although, Jesse did rip the last page out several months ago during a reading.

He loves that book and has for quite a while. It moved Goodnight Moon out of the bedtime reading repertoire quickly. Beau reads the morning prayers when he gets Jesse out of the crib in the mornings. I read the bedtime prayers to him before he goes to sleep. Somewhere in the middle we need to start on the daytime prayers. Mostly, he loves to stare at the cover, which is red with two cute watercolor children. He will stare at them, then flip the book upside-down and stare some more, and so on until I eventually take it away.

Yesterday, I had the thought that maybe it’s time to buy a new, sturdier copy. A quick search at and I found it, along with a bunch of other classics. I am happy that they still publish the Bible and Jesus stories as well as the fairytales and animal stories. So my cart is full of the Bible-centric LGBs that I’m going to buy for Jesse’s small library.