Too Efficient

In the frenzy of getting things done pre-vacation and then working hard to get back into the swing post-vacation, I managed to get so well caught up on everything that I will have nothing to do on my days at home.

That’s not to say that there aren’t things that don’t need doing - I really need to clean my office of accumulated clutter. There are stacks of random paper things that I’m sure I can shred. It needs doing.

I do have tasks that I can save take home, but here’s the quandry - I need to start training our front desk chick to be my back up. There are three reasons for this:

1. I need a back up in case of an emergency that means I cannot do work at all.

2. We’re planning on #2 and I need someone who can do my work while I’m on maternity leave.

3. We may be moving if Beau gets the Dallas job, which means there’s a strong possibility that I would have to quit this job at some point after the move, especially if I’m not able to convince the powers that be that I can do my job from Texas.

So with the training needed, this means that I need to use the tasks that I could take home to instead use today to start the training. And that will leave me with absolutely nothing to do while at home.

How did this happen?